Lorenteggio L

The building "L" is located in the sector of the complex PL5 "Gemini Center" Lorenteggio and consists of ten floors above ground and a basement where archives are located and technical rooms.

On the ground floor the great hall occupies the entire central section with battery of lifts, staircase and services, while in lateral sectors are placed meeting rooms representation and aggregation. The three sectors of the nine upper floors are occupied by offices for a surface of about 1000 square meters per floor, the tenth and last floor is set back from those beneath and then surrounded by spacious terraces, the executive offices a gym and entertainment venues enjoy these scenic common areas.
The property is perfectly integrated in the district, has been designed with the latest construction techniques: curtain glass with High-performing, double skin facades on the side facing west, insulated walls and ventilated slabs of Carrara marble.
The wide area of relevance, as well as ensuring the preservation of a discrete area devoted to green, dilutes the urban texture harmoniously integrating well in the neighborhood skyline.

These spaces have allowed the construction of a garage with three floors, including a basement and one in the open. Via a footbridge parking is directly connected with the offices. Parking is completely masked with a "skin breathing" expanded metal, appropriately shaped to blend harmoniously with the main building.
The whole aesthetic characterized by soft-rounded and skillful blend of stone and glass, allows the building to stand out for modern design while maintaining at the same time a very classic style.

The building is located on the extension of the Via Mozzoni dual carriageway with a central drainage canal - only partially displayed with soil and trees - whose connection at right angles with via Lorenteggio is a gap in its panoramic continuity.
Passing on this busy roadway you can easily view the very first group of buildings along both sides of the "boulevard" to which the building "L" with its imposing backdrop, at the end of the subdivision.

This also explains its formal order, the result of an architectural approach combined with a need to seek urban and scenic.
The outline of the building is not straight, but formed by assembling angle "to screen" of the three fields round, makes it easier and flowing its rotation.
The game relentlessly, vaguely baroque curves ranging from slow fluctuation of large windows juxtaposed with angular shapes and neurotic of white solid elements that contain, would have emphasized that the building was positioned in line with the road.

Its rotation, necessary to highlight it even from a distance, produces a shock musically intense and vibrant. The merger between the geometries of the previous buildings, maddeningly hard and those "curveggianti" of '"L" give rise to a dramatic effect provocative but extraordinary.
Lorenteggio L
Milano, Italy

Designers Arch. R. Gantes, Arch. R. Morisi
Project 2006
Completion 2009
Site dimension mq. 9.500
Total floor area mq. 15.000
Volume mc. 60.000
Parking -